First year thoughts.

As we enter the final few weeks of the academic year some of the Level 4 Interior Architecture students have been reflecting on their journey so far…..and what words of wisdom they might pass on to a new student.

“Interior architecture is more than just designing a space, it’s about creating new life and breaking through boundaries. This course has changed the way I see the built environment around me. I can’t wait to see where it takes me.” Saskia Gunson.

“Welcome! Or I should say ‘Greetings’ for you blessed people who had selected and chosen by this course. It is going to be a hell lot of fun and excitement for you guys throughout the year. Here are three essential things for you to grasp, Make use of ‘time’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘Tutors’ that will be your life partner throughout the year. Enjoy!” Harry Cheung.

‘This year has been full speed from start to finish! Although busy, the workforce ensures you gain experience in all parts of Interior Architecture. The studio work ethic is successful in allowing you to seek help from your peers whilst being able to socialise keeping the motivation strong.’ Lucy Oswick.