The First Semester is Complete for the Level 4s.

As part of the first semester the Level 4s were asked to complete their first design project; Between Spaces, Designing an Urban Parasitic Structure. This involved conducting in-depth site analysis of their site in the Brighton city centre, including establishing what the ‘essence’ of the place was for them. They followed this by designing a device to accentuate, minimise, draw attention to and block their chosen essence. The students built these devices at full scale and installed them on the site, and recorded their results with photos and film. The students’ devices included a periscope to see the view behind a large column, a wind harp to capture the strong breeze and a device to encourage and accentuate the erosion and rust in specific areas.

They were finally asked to design a space to either house their device and its users, or a space that acted as their device, utilising the technology they incorporated into their device. This intervention was to be a parasitic structure, attached to and interacting with the existing building located on their site. The students completed scale technical drawings of their structures and built models of them in the site.

The semester ended with a presentation of their work, followed by Christmas drinks to celebrate their achievements. The students showed a good understanding of the site, and the range and evolution of their ideas for the parasitic structures was particularly impressive.

Well done Level 4s!