Expanding Studio 11.

This new term brings the most exciting stage of the architecture studio as everyone engages with the architectural possibilities of their site and new articulations and relationships arise in the developing territory of the work. For Studio 11, this new term also warmly welcomes two students to our group: Anesa Cana and Ananya Sharma.

Anesa has begun this term’s project by carefully photographing the reality of voids: forgotten spaces on and around Trafalgar Street, part of Studio 11’s site for this year. She was interested in these unintentional and intentional pockets, their uses, and their varied accessibility. These have begun to inform her architecture through her method of model-making and drawing.

Inspired by the stillness of the site just south of Cheapside, Ananya is designing a recreation space based on the shifts in yoga postures. She is also studying how the subject relates and eventually interacts with the five elements of nature (earth, water, air, fire, ether) which also combine to form our body. For Ananya, the design mechanism is based on the practice of creating a space that can enhance the healing process of the internal body with the help of architecture.