Our Studio 14 exhibition: ‘The place of Art…? today, in Brighton – ways of thinking, about architecture, art and the nature of things. Part 1’ opens to the public at the ONCA gallery in Brighton on Thursday 7th September.

We set out to investigate the ‘place of art’ – asking in what form of place and space should, or could, art be held, staged or created, today, and specifically in Brighton? The project arises from observation that the City of Brighton is without a major venue for contemporary art. For a city that has a vibrant art based culture this is surprising? Our work responds to this situation in exploring different, diverse ways through which places of art might be evolved and established.

This is the culmination of investigation work that in began last October, in collaboration with ONCA. For ONCA this is part of initiating a larger, more inclusive, on-going public conversation with Brighton, about the place and purpose of art.

The exhibition will run from Thursday 7th September to Sunday 10th September. The ONCA gallery is open as follows: Thursday 6-8pm, Friday 12-6pm, Saturday 12-6pm, Sunday 12-4pm. It is located at 14 St George’s Place, London Road.

ONCA: https://onca.org.uk/about/what-we-do/

ONCA “A wonderfully creative space for exploration and reflection” (Caroline Lucas), which “brings together communities in open-hearted and mind-altering ways” (Robert Macfarlane).

ONCA is a space for meeting, thinking, learning and celebrating art. We encourage artists to ask big questions: our mission is to support the wellbeing of people and places by increasing awareness of, and engagement with, environmental and social challenges. ONCA embraces diverse perspectives and needs, and we aim to model and foster inclusive creative practices that help people imagine – and move towards – thriving futures. To do this, we partner with both local and international artists and organisations on a variety of projects.