Excellence in Facilitating and Empowering Learning Award.

Our amazing Pete Marsh has been nominated yet again for an Excellence in Facilitating and Empowering Learning Award. Unfortunately because Pete won this category last year, the rules prevent him from being awarded the final prize again this year. However we wanted to congratulate him on the school blog by sharing some comments from students.

“Pete is always willing to help improve the quality of models and provide ideas that will help our project excel and always happy to help. He brings back the excitement into your project when you┬╣re feeling down”

“Pete has been an outstanding member of staff. He is always there when a student needs his help and he is always willing to help anyone with anything”
“Pete is always there to help anyone that needs it and as well as just being there and telling us how to solve our problems he will question and promote us to solve it ourselves. Because of this we always get the best piece we can. He easily adapts his teaching style to suit different students which means everybody can get the same amount out of him no matter what level of experience or knowledge they have. There is nothing that Pete can’t do, and if there is something new then he will sit
through it with you and make sure that the decision you make succeed and learn alongside you how to do it again”

“Pete is always there to help, he gave me confidence to try new things and he was patient with me even at times when he really did not have to be”