Emerging Times: Ideas for Future Architectures. Studio Lab 3 and Studio 11 Co-Exhibition.

On 15th and 16th June in glorious weather the beautiful Regency Town House in Brunswick Square in Hove played host to a co-exhibition organised by two studios sharing a similar approach to design. Emerging Times: Ideas for Future Architectures. Between tutors Gudrun Krabbe, Samantha Lynch and Course Leader Dr. Sarah Stevens, a range of architecture levels (from Level 5 to doctoral) and young architects who have moved into practice the show aimed to share some of the methods used in the architectural design process. Fostering research that is unique to each individuals engagement with their site. The many inquiries reflected a range of theoretical, material and phenomenological investigations and offered a rich territory of design speculation.

Studio 11: This year the theme for Level 5 and 6 students in this studio has been to investigate the relationship between the tangible and the elusive through the notion of the cast.

“The imagination is an enactor of complex, inventive,and fantastical material. It is engaged with what we could describe as a mystery – by that which is veiled, unsettled, peripheral and dynamic. The imagination and the built world have a reciprocal relationship with each other – architecture is active. Its constructed relationships shape our daily patterns and offer moments of confusion and delight”

Studio Laboratory 3: This Masters studio is concerned with questioning perceived truths and unearthing constructed realities, there by . evolving students own stance and critical position as a foundation to their work. This year the students challenged dislocation, disconnection, separation, entering a world where nothing is ‘Other’. They interrogated the archaeological layers of their site to unveil lost histories, reigniting memories and entering a performative relationship with the world. Each exploration grew its own architectural lexicon to inhabit the worlds unearthed, allowing others to enter within.

On the edge of the coast, at the mouths of rivers either encased in harbours or long lost and culverted underground: at this blurring of boundaries, sea, river, saltwater, freshwater, past and present, the question was posed how we might activate, performative architectures, mobilising a world where nothing and no one is Other.