Edible Campus: Seed Symposium.

Bea Butler one of the students currently taking the Edible Campus Option Study Module has made a interactive performance piece that attempts to demonstrate that gardening can be a fine art. Participants were invited to sow seeds to grow edible flowers and the social relations that transpire by doing so make this a piece of relational art and transform the garden from an ordinary garden to a work of fine art. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzjPeIvPmcQ

In this extension study module students explore in a practical and “lived” way one aspect of a less resource and energy intensive lifestyle, they do this by introducing urban agriculture to the Grand Parade site, growing fruit, vegetables, edible and medicinal flowers.

Initially they set up a growing infrastructure, germinate plants, build systems for composting, water collection, irrigation and growing, all within the context of making space for people. As the name suggests growing food is an essential part of this extension study and the aim is to see if students can establish and sustain urban agriculture on the Grand Parade site in the long term. If you sign up for this study, you are therefore required to make a commitment to keep the project running across the academic year.

Central to this project is the exploring of social networks linked to food; staff and other students, including graduates are invited to participate in an “urban farming club” and make contacts with groups external to the University. Different topics are examined through practical urban farming. At student led seminars, over a meal, participants consider how communities, artists, activists, designers and architects have engaged as “change agents.”