Design Reviews.

The focus of the reviews this week was the design development leading up to students first or second iteration of building proposals. We discussed responses to the geographical, social and political context of Hastings, as well as the UK. As well as the material and environmental responses students have made to the physical seen and hidden aspect of their site.

The students presented with confidence clearly walking the review team through their drawings of the project so far. Communicating your ideas is an essential part of design education. The questions asked at a review are often a good indicator of what is not yet clear of present on the wall. Students made notes for each other and a discussion between student and the visiting critics reinvigorate the students ideas.

We were fortunate that Georgia White, a former Brighton Undergraduate now undertaking a PhD at the Royal Collage of Art was able to join us along with Alexia Soteriou from Edward Williams Architects, University of Westminster. It was refreshing to have new voices respond to the students ideas and was great to see some beautiful drawings coming along.