Congratulations to First Year BA Interior Architecture.

Congratulations to all Level Four BA Interior Architecture students. After three weeks of hard work the first year students presented the project that they had been working on the last few weeks. The brief was to survey the beautiful Concorde building placed in Brighton by the seaside, generate all drawings and create accordingly a very detailed physical model. The result was really impressive. The drawings were all hand drawn and rendered in Photoshop using a variety of techniques to replicate materials and shadows. The impressive 1.5 meters long model includes all the Victorian details of the existing building, making this a task that required great precision. Students had to work in groups and perfectly coordinate in order to complete this challenging task. While working on the project, the studio was buzzing with energy and everyone really enjoyed the experience.

‘The Concorde 2 project has brought the group together and created a real studio culture’ Geena Wood

‘Great experience. I liked working together with all groups to assemble all the different parts’ Harry Long Cheung

‘I learned a lot! It was a big challenge that helped me move forward’ Aneta Blotniak