Case study analysis of key housing projects taking shape.

Studio 12 started term one with a case study analysis of key housing projects linked to Luis Diaz’s current research. After visits to their individual case studies students were asked to identify the different spatial territories created as inhabitants move from the city to their dwellings. Matthew West documented the passage into a courtyard space and up through a series of access galleries in the Bourne Estate, London. He found that the higher the gallery the more appropriated it was by inhabitants.

Ninos Merza studied a little known stepped terrace block (Lennox House) from 1938 which prefigured the ziggurat housing blocks of the 1960s. Rob Flanagan examined the many thresholds of Atelier 5’s little known housing project in Croydon.

Gabriel Andrei Grosu documented the different ways in which inhabitants personalised their dwellings at Ashington House. His analytical drawings unravelled the complex movement sequences leading into the different parts of this complex Brutalist housing scheme.
Many of the analyses carried out by students will be featured in a research blog – more news coming soon!