Brighton Alumni, William Mondejar goes from strength to strength.

Since receiving the Perkins and Will Thesis Prize for Architecture Commendation Certificate 2016 and being nominated for the RIBA President’s Medal Student Awards 2016, Brighton Alumni William Mondejar’s has taken his academic thesis ‘Reconstructing a Memory of Guernica’ and developed his thesis into a real research project post-university. His project is drawing great interest from members of the Basque Government and Ministry of Culture, the Mayor of Guernica and institutions including Gernikazarra and Fundación de la Paz.

William has been invited by the Sociedad El Sitio to give a conference and inaugurate a temporary exhibition of his project in Bilbao on the 29th May as part of the event commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Guernica bombings. The exhibition aims to reconstruct the market as it was on the morning of 26th April 1937, and through an audio-visual presentation, dubbed in three languages, Basque, Spanish and English, aims to bring people together to celebrate the old town of Guernica, before the tragic events took place.

” I am very excited that I will be giving a conference and inaugurating the temporary exhibition for my research project ‘reconstructing a memory of Guernica’ at the Sociedad el Sitio in Bilbao, a massive thank you to everyone for making this possible”