Why books? Is there any intrinsic value in a book? Why books, when all the information is there – on your computer, or phone…? There surely is no need for books – they take up space, they’re heavy, they’re messy, and after a while may not smell so good! Books take up space. Books occupy library space. This also is not good – apparently? Better to make space for students? Apparently, students do not read books? Students apparently need places to use the computer, check the phone, meet friends, drink coffee, gets some food, chat and chill; anything but reading books?

We discovered that space for students is apparently more important than space for books. We discovered that when books are underused, or become virtually available on line, they can be ‘weeded’ out of the library. The space once occupied by books can then be rearranged, to make more space for students!

We took away and ‘saved’ many unwanted ‘weeded’ library books! They seemed valuable to us. But is this just romantic nonsense; perhaps it is time to move on from the book?

In our ‘Paper Clouds’ project, Studio 14 are, this year, thinking about books and about the value of paper based information – primarily the printed word as found in books – as opposed to the current preference for information held virtually – ‘in the cloud’.