Body Space Landscape Extension Tool.

Studio 06 students have been developing their body extension tools to articulate relationships between body and landscape within the studio territory of Rottingdean during Term One.

Yumeng Ye has been working on a Body Space Landscape Extension Tool.

“The device is like the extension of our body, which can help us explore space and experience surface. The cast finger signifies that this tool is an extension of a human finger. Based on the structure of human forearm ligaments and tendons, I try to understand how they work together and develop the structure of this first sketch device. My second device is an improvement of the first, steel was formed to fit the arm shape. Two copper rods connect one cast finger, the rods control the cast finger through springs.”

The Uncertain Space: the building is kind of our third skin, lines become jumbled, an extension of one’s own body, like a piece of clothing. This uncertain space could become the building skin or another world. I have now changed the plaster finger to pencil and have drawn the movement of the device and the body: here the pencil drawing is an uncertain area, each line is changing, different and uncontrolled.