2016 – 2061: A ‘Living’ Vision for the Future.

Studio 55 explores a design development primarily through the making / crafting of physical models that lead into the crafting of drawings and spaces. In this Studio, the act of making sophisticated models and drawings is the premise and method that we use to test ideas, explore solutions, and communicate our designs.

We are interested in the tactilities of architecture, tectonics, and physicalities of buildings and space. Students in Studio 55 are encouraged to engage in the physical act of model-making as a primary design tool. We see the model as not just a ‘final presentation’ device, but rather as a highly coveted way of working and thinking that can lead to complex propositions and architectures. Models are the departure point for Studio 55.

This year Studio 55 will be looking towards the future. 45 years into the future; the year 2061.

We will ask students to speculate and hypothesize on what changes they think will occur in the next 45 years and how people will live. These hypotheses will form the basis for your design projects.

We will ask you to speculate / hypothesize on interests, habits, methodologies for dwelling / living in 2061. You are not simply designing living boxes, but speculating on society’s habits / trends / ideas. These could be fantastical or grounded, but all hypothesis must be based on research. Research in Studio 55 is conducted through ‘making’: making models, making drawings, making collages, making diagrams. We will ask you to consider Hypotheses for the future based on enclosure, technology, energy, nutrition, agriculture, politics, sociology, live, work, play.

Term 1.

You will develop a small scale building (a ‘living’ pavilion), a spatial proposition on what it means to ‘dwell’ in 2061.

Term 2.

Expand your initial term 1 findings into a larger scale architectural position and proposition. As a site, we will be dovetailing into the Architecture Foundation’s ‘Festival of Outer London’, which looks to celebrate areas on the outskirts of London as new and future hubs for living, specifically the area of Barkingside on the border of London and Essex.

Studio 55 will be taking inspiration from science, machines, crafting techniques, film, literature, exhibitions, drawings, models, and beyond.

Studio 55 is taught by Pedro Gil and Christo Meyer