Studio 15 is the studio where you will be asked to get your hands dirty; to see with your fingers, to feel the materials. You will be engaging with materials at a deep level as we learn about cradle-to-cradle philosophies of material flow and the relationship of Materials to Place.

In Semester 1 we will begin with an exploration of materials and material processes and possibilities. You will become experts in your material of choice. This exploration will extend into spatial proposals for a Camera Obscura which you will be invited to build as a working camera with which to view our tight urban site in Lewes.

The principal building project for the year will be to design a new cultural facility for Lewes; photographic studios, exhibition spaces and a state-of-the-art archive for a live client, Tom Reeves of Edward Reeves Photography, one of the oldest surviving photography studios in the world.

Seeing new and seeing differently (with all our senses) will be at the heart of our investigations – a dialogue between us and the world around us, and between building users and the buildings which we design which they inhabit and the spaces they create.

Studio 15 is taught by Phil Hall-Patch and Ian McKay