Studio 06 at The Woodland Enterprise Centre, Flimwell.

Studio 06 got underway with their site investigations on 10th October, with a day visit to the Woodland Enterprise Centre, Flimwell, where term 1 projects are sited. We heard founding director David Saunders speak about both the management of the forest and also the development of the rich architecture which has been developed on the site over the last 15 years since the construction of the award winning Fielden Clegg / Atelier 1 building. Students were taken out into the woods to witness forestry management practices and were then tasked to survey structural elements of some of the more recent projects . En-route to Flimwell, we stopped to visit a timber production factory where we saw glue-lamination and finger jointing processes, using locally produced Chestnut coppice material. Prior to the site visit, architect and timber specialist Steve Johnson presented to the studio an insightful introduction to timber architecture. Steve and David will be working with us again later this term, when we return to Flimwell for a one day Design-Make workshop.