Studio 2 Brief

Draw, make, redraw.

Studio 02 explores the conceptual and material connections between outwards appearance and interior reality in the scale between body and building. We are interested in what is given away through the surface and explore the ideological and material boundaries in architectures that moves with and adapts to the body inside it. Our site is in the South Downs.

Studio 02 looks at the politics of appearance and actuality. We examine how the rules and ideologies that regulate the public and private realm become tangible in architecture. Our work develops in the threshold between the imagined and the materialized. We explore how ideas manifest themselves by making devices and proposing spaces that connect the body and the world. Studio 02’s work develops through shifting in scales and emphasizes hand-drawing and making.
As a culture we expect a concordance between outside appearances and internal reality. Nowhere is this clearer than in the relationship between the suburban house and the well-kept front lawn that acts as an extension of the moral order inside the house. In iconic buildings the facade may be understood as the architect’s expression of the client’s (or her own) ideologies and as the concise statement of the architect’s ambition for the spaces and events taking place on the inside. We infer that the relationship between what is apparent and what is actual contained on the inside is rarely as straightforward as we expect. Because we habitually link appearance and reality it is also something we can play around with, challenge and even subvert. The studio explores the politics of appearance by looking at the body and the thin layers that shelter it from climate and from observation. We make our way into this field by establishing fascinations with the interface between the self and the world. In particular we look at the limits, connections, joints, surfaces and assemblages between inside and outside as something that – beyond its utilitarian and aesthetic function – carries social and cultural connotations. We explore how this mixture of materiality and meaning can be made tangible through measuring and mapping, reinvent our own meanings, and project them back into reality.