Seismic Shifts : A structural health monitoring textile. Kate Cheyne.

Deputy Head of School, Kate Cheyne will give a lecture on Monday 7th November entitled “Seismic Shifts”.  She will be talking about an ongoing University of Brighton funded interdisciplinary research project she has been leading with Kirsty Mcdougall, a woven textile designer. This talk will describe the fabrication of a novel woven textile with a fully integrated strain-sensitive yarn. The textile Can be applied to the built environment as a Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS) to monitor and ascertain structural damage in real time. A sensor, provided by Nanoforce from Queen Mary’s University, uses nano-technology to create a yarn that can sense strain. The Seismic Shifts team have woven this into a textile, that has then been incorporated into a composite material to allow for application to a building construction.