Salt Licks

Over the summer design tutors will be working on their own projects and research. Salt Licks is a proposal for a public art installation from Studio 15 tutor, conceptual artist and architect Philip Hall-Patch. Phil is interested in investigating the tensions between transience and stability through ephemeral and time-based works, often architectural in scale and public in nature.

Salt Licks is part of Lincolnshire County Council’s ‘Structures On The Edge’ programme of arts regeneration for the Lincolnshire coastline. Rather than design a weather station as the brief called for, the competition winning proposal was rather for a station that weathers itself; a white canvas that sits on the beach facing the North Sea, revealing the marks left by the sun, rain and windblown sand. The use of salt blocks as a semi-permanent formwork to an underlying concrete structure, becomes a corollary of the eroding coastline and a vital link to the sea to which is returns.

Phil’s research therefore asks: How might a construction system be developed using salt as a construction material, for a publicly accessible structure, allowing for controlled erosion over catastrophic collapse, and asks wider questions of architectural practice relating to notions of control, indeterminacy and the meaning of structures that move beyond simple notions of weathering.

Salt Licks is due for completion in spring 2017.