The current show at the Gagosian Gallery in Davis Street, London is ‘Richard Sera: NJ-2, Rounds: Equal Weight, Equal Measure, Rotate.’ This is a powerful exhibition of large sculptural objects that effectively act as complementary elements of architecture in the relatively confined three space of the gallery. ‘Rounds: Equal Weight, Equal Measure’, are two apparently solid steel cylinders. ‘Rotate’ appears to two impossibly heavy solid blocks of cast steel. ‘NJ-2’, is a loop of enclosing steel walls. Sera however uses only weathered steel in sheet form, but with differing weathered effects that appear to ‘age’ the forms. There is a strong physical presence to the work. Sera, suggests the work is about experience of physical presence, materiality, time and space. There is much to be learnt from a visit to this exhibition.

The Gagosian Gallery is the adaptation of a former industrial building, that opened as a private art gallery in 2005, from designs by architects Caruso St John. The prolific output of gallery design work by these architects includes the recently opened Newport Street Gallery, winner of this year’s Stirling Prize for Architecture.