Ravern Row

During our Spitalfields study visit we had the pleasure of spending time at Ravern Row, a contemporary art exhibition space, located in two eighteenth century houses on Artillery Lane.

Additional new spaces, designed by 6a Architects, were added within the adjacent office building on Frying Pan Lane. 6a describe their concept thus: ‘Raven Row was built in the 1690’s but substantially remodeled by Hugenot silk mercers in 1754 and subsequently added to, converted, neglected, damaged and repaired over two and a half centuries. The latest intervention weaves itself through the buildings, informed by their history and in turn transforming them.’

The building is a most interesting model for our project. In addition to the art exhibition space, the houses provide various offices and there is residential accommodation for visiting artists. We held a meeting the education room, on the top floor. The adaptability and simplicity of essentially modest domestic space was most instructive.