Prizes, prizes, prizes.

Interior Architecture students scooped four prizes this week so had lots to celebrate at the opening of their end of year degree show.

Natalie Kerrison, Level 6, was second equal in the ‘June and Sidney Crown Dissertation Prize’. She won £500.00

Rebecca Marshall, Level 6 won the ‘Morgan Carn Prize for Design Excellence in Interior Architecture’. She won £250.00

Kate Vickery, Level 6 was commended in the judging of ‘The Perkins and Will Thesis Prize for Interior Architecture’.

Molly Holman-Sheard also Level 6 was highly commended in the judging of ‘The Waste House Award for Circular Design’.

Natalie said “I really enjoyed the whole process of writing my dissertation. Collecting loads of reference and snippets of information, and putting them together to determine my own stance, worked well for me. My topic was rich in information, therefore by having a tutor to narrow down the scope of the dissertation, as well as enriching other areas, was immensely helpful in creating a coherent argument. The most enjoyable bit of my dissertation was the final section, whereby historical events were then applied and seen to be mirrored in approaches to architecture and social housing. Is history repeating itself from events that took place over 100 years ago? The amount of contact time with tutors was also very important in the success of the module”

Well done all.