• Nolli plan of central Brighton

Nolli plan of Brighton

Inspired by Giambattista Nolli’s 18th century map of Rome, Studio 01 have constructed their own version for central Brighton.

Nolli’s drawing revealed the publicly accessible spaces in Rome, both inside and outside. The drawing is like a figure ground plan, showing most buildings as cut through and shaded in, but with the interior of public buildings shown in plan.

Nolli plan of central Brighton

Nolli plan of central Brighton

For Nolli’s orignal drawing, public buildings meants churches and markets. In central Brighton, the area in which Studio 01 is working this year, this also included churches, shops and arcades, but also a cinema, hotel lobbies, several car parks and buildings such as the Brighton Centre which while civic in character are mostly inaccessibe. This area also incorporates a significant level change, meaning that several layers of publci space are layered on top of each other in places, something noticeable in the group drawing where students have cut their drawing to focus on different floors. This way of mapping is helpful for understanding the connections of spaces in the city, and the final drawing makes evident the way that the existing Brighton centre and Churchill Square developments divide off Western Road from the seafront.