No Body

‘No Body’ was an event at the Sadlers Wells Theatre in London visited by Studio 14 tutors Jack and Stephen.

In a theatre with an international reputation for staging innovative performances of dance, ‘No Body’ was a performance without the physical presence of dancers. Instead we, the audience, were invited to become the performers. Lighting designers, composers, musicians, and technicians collaborated to create a series of multi media installations that were experienced as a loosely guided promenade through the theatre, on the stages, behind the scenes, in the rehearsal spaces, in dressing rooms, in the control rooms, and under the stage in the lamp store. Collectively this formed an ‘immersive event’ that placed the audience inside the work.

Most notable were ‘Lightspace’ a work designed by Michael Hulls that deployed an impressive array of 500 tungsten incandescent light bulbs; ‘Indelible’ by composer creator Nitin Sawhney; and sight of the unoccupied auditorium – just row after row of empty red seats.

Highly inspiring