Newhaven Fort Trip.

This week students had a site visit to Newhaven Fort; here final year student Gaby Eason reflects on the experience.

Exploring Newhaven Fort, made it apparent that we, as a generation have become disconnected from our history. From Newhaven Town to Fort Rise, the grey dreary weather mirrored the experience that the soldiers would have felt during the anticipation of a battle here, which incidentally never happened. Its purpose yet to be fulfilled, however, Newhaven Fort never ceases to amaze its visitors from school children to veterans.

When exploring the space, it became clear to us that it was brilliantly planned and thought out for an architect of such a young age, inspiring us to push forward and explore how a safe haven can be created with innovative technology and well sourced local materials. This site unfolds its story through its architecture, and begins to explore the definition of Interior Architecture, through site specificity and using what is existing at its location.