New studio for 2016: Studio 11 – CAST.

Studio 11 is a new studio for 2016, the Studio Tutor is Sam Lynch who has being teaching M’Arch Studio Laboratory 3 since 2013. Sam is joined by Gudrun Krabbe.

The imagination is an enactor of complex, inventive and fantastical material. It is always engaged with what we could describe as a mystery – by that which is veiled, by that which hovers at the periphery of our vision, by that which is unsettled, unexplained, inconclusive, and dynamic in its relationship to us. There is a reciprocity between the constructed world and the imagination. Architecture is active: its constructed relationships shape our daily patterns and offer moments of confusion and delight. The mystery lies in what is not fully tangible, and this year studio 11 will explore this through the investigation of potential relationships between the intangible – what is perceived or intuited as absent or peripheral – and what is present – through the notion of the cast.

Materially speaking, the casting process involves two parts which have a particular relationship to each other, one which can be understood as both spatial, in the fit between its parts, and temporal, in the anticipation and planning of the cast and through the evidence of their conjoined histories. There are also metaphorical questions around casting that are architectural – of fit, of containment, of the relationships between inside and outside, and the narratives that weave these together. The notion of casting goes beyond its material manifestation. This can be seen in the casting of predictions (as in bones or dice), the casting aside of clothing or skin, and the casting of a line – the bait – which has ample metaphorical resonance. The act of casting makes a thread to another time or place; it creates a connection beyond the immediate and into the unknown. It is with this thread, sited in Brighton, that we will begin to structure our design investigations