• Mike Jones - Axonometric of raised street, showing sections at key points
  • Mike Jones - Axonometric showing high level route
  • Mike Jones - Sectional axonometric between Churchill Square and the Brighton Centre
  • Mike presenting at his final review

Multilayered cities

Mike Jones’ sophisticated proposal takes advantage of the level changes between Western Road and the seafront to create a multilayered strip of city, mediating between the multiple “ground” floors of the Brighton Centre and the Churchill Square shopping centre.

Mike’s scheme addresses the poor urban spaces created by the original developments on the site during the 1960s and 1970s, combining carefully chosen interventions in existing buildings with the introduction of new routes, public programs and expanded conference centre facilities. The existing service road that runs between Churchill Square and the Brighton Centre is reimagined as a multi-level slice of city, maintaining and improving its existing back of house functions while introducing new public spaces and connections above, creating improved access from Churchill Square towards the sea.