Live – Work Housing.

Studio 12 is nearing completion of term one’s experimentation with live-work housing in Hastings. The students began by analysing the transition from their bedrooms to the city. This first exercise helped students to understand the way architecture and the city are linked. There insights have been used to test ideas about how to organise various types of work alongside dwellings. Alex He’s proposal blurs the boundaries between live work in order to fit into a difficult small-scaled site. Eugene Kandinsky takes advantage of the steep slope to develop an interior that defines space through level changes rather than walls. His work unit is perched like an inserted box overlooking a living space. Lizzie Terry has focused on developing a pedestrian passage that also uses a hillside to create a series of intimate entry points into the living units. Partially shared work spaces are tucked underneath at the lowest level. Most of the work has been developed with larger scale models that when seen together suggest new possible patterns for the cityscape.