Glasgow: The city of the dead.

At the beginning of the second semester, a cohort of Studio 07 headed off to Glasgow, famously described by it native Billy Connolly ‘[it is] a bit live Nashville, Tennessee: it doesn’t care much for the living, but it really looks after the dead’.

We were fortunate enough to receive a private guided tour of the Glasgow School of Arts buildings, sadly only being able to view the Mackintosh Centre from the exterior as the renovation works after a fire (caused they believe by a student whose foam canister they were using ignited a few days before the student show opening) are still on going. The highlight everyone agreed, was the circulation and light wells within the Stephen Holl designed Reid building next door.

Visits also included Zahas Transport Museum, Chipperfields BBC Scotland and Fosters Clyde Auditorium and SECC Conference Centre.

And of course, the finale being the Glasgow Necropolis. Opened in 1833 when the laws changed allowing burial for profit (the Cemeteries Act), it houses approximately 3,500 monuments and it is estimated that over 50,000 people have been buried there.