The town house gallery is a particular form of showing space. On a study visit to London we visited several variations of this type of house occupation. The Soane Museum, in Lincolns Inn Fields, is a very special, unique place, built by Sir John Soane, (1753-1837), during the period in the period 1792-1837, and on his death gifted to the nation. Soane rightly is regarded as a great master of space and light; great fascination was found in the gallery space with its unfolding panels of paintings and drawings. We also visited Architectural Association, formerly established 1890, and located at Bedford Square in 1917. The adaption of town houses, from the late 18th century, as a school of architecture with public exhibition and lecture spaces, provided an interesting comparison for ONCA’s potential use of its
building in Brighton. We then visited the Frith Street Gallery at both of its locations, in Frith Street, and in Golden Square; again variations on the town house gallery, the building in Frith Street dating from around 1700. At Golden Square we were kindly invited to attend the ‘private view’ opening of their new exhibition, ‘Dayanita Singh: Museum of Shedding’.