From 3D to 2D.

Studio 15 Tutor Phil Hall-Patch’s practice-based research towards an Arts & Cultural Research MRes degree has moved forward over the summer. The title of the current research is “From 3D to 2D: The Transmutation of Material from Sculpture to Camera-less photography”, with the current research question being: “How might camera-less photography provide a corollary to ephemeral and time-based sculpture?”

These two images use the almost alchemical processes of salt and silver nitrate from the very beginnings of photography’s birth. Here, the salt from the salt-sculptures photographed have been used to both prepare the fibres of the paper and fix the image produced by the exposed silver nitrate on it. The material of the sculpture is now within within the photograph creating a direct link between 3D sculpture and 2D the representation of it.

The next step in Phil’s research will attempt to take this relationship even further and explore the possibilities of removing the lens altogether, working directly with camera-less photographic techniques making the image as mutable and ephemeral as the sculpture which formed it.