First year – How it works …

The year has been divided into three design studio projects working on the theme of the architectural Venue. For the first term the first year students have been working on two design projects –  ‘Buskers Cut-up’ & ‘Mixing Stage’. The focus being on threshold, hierarchy and composition within their live site  – The ONCA building, Brighton.

‘Buskers Cut-up’ is a project concerned with personal experiences of music making and performing in intimacy. The ‘Buskers Cut-up’ is a place to listen to music made by a busker through a site responsive design. The cutup is term coined by the writer William Boroughs, it means to take written text and ‘cut them up’ re-order them to create something new and fresh. Each project took provocations and constraints and ‘cut them up’ mash them together. Projects ranges from strictly organized compositions, through to improvisational music to electronic forms.
Moving from the intimate ‘Buskers Cut-up’, we explored the ‘Mixing Stage’ project, a project concerned with shared public performance and observation. The proposed design projects describe the public relationship of the performer has with their audience. The ‘Mixing Stage’ became a place, an event, and an audience wide participation musical venue. Through these projects we have explored human relationships to place and scale, in doing so have begun to connect the everyday with the spectacle”