East Street Live winner announced

Announcing the winners of the East Street Live project:

Some interesting and engaging work has come out of the first terms explorations for the Carnaval del Pueblo and East Street.

After much deliberation (and a difficult decision), the winners of the Live Projects are:

  • James Goreing
  • Josh Dobson

Honourable mentions go out to:

  • Beth Rodway
  • Vanessa Paldano

James Goreing winning entry – “The Cocktail Machine” is a simple mechanical device used for making the Brazilian cocktail, the Caipirinha. The purpose of the machine is to be used at the Latin American carnaval, Carnaval del Pueblo, where by people can get involved having fun making the cocktail themselves by pulling on various levers and pulleys to release the ingredients into the cup.

“Designing and creating ‘The Cocktail Machine’ was a really enjoyable task as it was a chance to be imaginative and creative with what a carnaval instillation could be. I took my inspiration from the carnival atmosphere and wanted to create something that turned a simple task of acquiring a drink into more of a game/puzzle, making getting a drink something more special than simply going to pick up another one.

The design was also intended to fit in with all the other intense sensory stimuli of the carnaval, to get people excited and involved with what’s going on around them. To then realise my design at a 1:1 scale was a fantastic chance to bring my creation to life, and see how people really interact with it and use it.”