Early Site Explorations.

It is one of the busiest hubs in Brighton, this year Studio 11 is exploring the ever-transforming city scape between the station arches, the North Laines, the City College campus, and the artery of the A270. This zone of the city has a long history of change. In its present state it holds a jarring complex of car parks and a rather strange collection of residential projects. Historically it was the open fields of the tenantry laines, populated by only a handful of houses until the arrival of the railway, which spurred the growth of small residences. Then in 1959 the buying out of property for larger economic visions began which has led to the areas present state.

Neighbouring this area, the bustling, competitive shops of Trafalgar Street stretch downward into the valley of cafes, bakeries and gift shops which greet Brighton’s visitors as they descend from the station. To the north and east, the concentration of live music and coloured lights dissipate into the seemingly mundane spaces of the car parks, crowned by the towering Theobald House. The nearby Pelham Tower, set for demolition, also stakes its claim on Brighton’s skyline. At this eastern end of the site the sounds and pace of student life adds another layer of inhabitation. New buildings are seemingly crow-barred into the old, pathways and alleys encourage sudden phantoms. An array of fences, barbed-wire and signage across the site delineate the territories of public and private.

Studio 11 students have begun to piece together and populate the site with their own concerns and fascinations, and questions that challenge the nature of the site are opening a future for the warren of cars and abandoned spaces and alternative visions for this constantly evolving land.