Designers Can Save the World.

Our very own Duncan Baker Brown is taking part in The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF). His talk will be streamed live on 24th November at 7pm. In this talk, ‘Designers can Save the Word’ Duncan will be discussing the research within his new book ‘The Re-Use Atlas’ which is published early next year.

Duncan Baker-Brown is an architect, academic and environmental activist. Best known for building the Brighton Waste House, Europe’s first permanent public building made from over 90% material discarded by others. Recently Duncan has been writing a book, The Re-Use Atlas: a designer’s guide towards a circular economy, that describes, via case studies from the worlds of design, fashion, food and architecture, clear ‘steps’ towards truly closed loop systems.

Duncan says that “design can save the world”, as it is the design of closed loop systems, as well as the design of stuff and resources within these systems that will enable a truly circular economy.”

Not to be missed.