With a project working title of ‘Exhibition’, Studio 14’s work this year sets out to explore the ‘place of art’. In the first term we have the great opportunity of collaborating with Brighton’s ONCA network and gallery. ONCA’s mission is: ‘to cultivate environmental and social well being through the arts’ and to ‘inspire creativity and positive action in the face of environmental change.’ Our initial work will be developed from ONCA’s own project requirements; these being to enhance and develop the possibilities of their listed 18th century building in central Brighton; and to establish a form of connection with the ‘traffic island’ fronting St Peter’s Church. This is will be both inspiring and challenging. In the second and third terms, students may develop aspects of this work towards the possibility of construction.
Alternatively the first term’s work may lead to ways of rethinking the St Peter’s and St Bartholomew’s area, with the initial premise of designing a new venue for Brighton’s contemporary, performance and environmental arts. What should be the place of art, today? In what form of place or space should art be held, staged or created?