A few days in Barcelona.

Studio 10 visited Barcelona from the 20-24th October, looking at examples of maintenance from the mundane to the extraordinary. In our first couple of days we visited a range of buildings in Barcelona including the Barcelona Pavilion, Gaudi houses and the Sagrada Familia, the Fundacion Miro, CaixaForum, looking at how buildings had been preserved and adapted to different uses. Over the weekend we took part in the 48 Open House Barcelona, getting to see some lesser known buildings and go on some fascinating behind the scenes tours. These included the El-Encants Market Place at Glories and Vila Casas Foundation Museo Can Framis as well as the Olympic Basketball stadium and housing in Barcelona. We also visited the new Design Museum at Glories which had a fascinating exhibition, Brick by Brick, on ceramics in Architecture through history. During the visit students carried out observational drawings of maintenance activity and did a Transect Walk through the city which made for some less than typical tourist experiences.