What our graduates say about us

The staff here always try to keep in touch with our graduates, we love to hear about where they are now, what they are doing and how they are progressing. Below you will find some quotes about our graduates’ experience of our BA Interior Architecture course as well as Brighton itself.

It was a great experience – a time to experiment, be creative and conceptual. The design projects were really interesting because the briefs involved local sites and narrative exploration. I found the tutors really helpful and engaging throughout the three years. I didn’t realise the range of skills I learnt, until I started at my job recently. Thanks to the course’s interdisciplinary approach, it opens doors to many creative opportunities.”

Elly Deakin, graduated 2015, now working as a junior designer at Oliver Heath Design in Brighton.


“We learnt how to make opportunities. I now realise how transferable and vital everything we learnt at Brighton truly is to any industry.”

Amelia Lewes, graduated 2013, now working for Visual Merchandising heavyweight Chameleon in London after completing an internship with a multi-award winning, international event management company.


“There is a place for everyone and the variety of minds feeds into the unique creative environment, making it a great place for students to study.”

Marie Saunes, graduated 2012, completed Masters in Architecture in 2015 and now working at Bureau Architecture in Brighton.


“I got onto the Interior Architecture course at Brighton through clearing, and in my final year I was voted to be the President of the student society – It was possibly one of the best accidents that ever happened to me.”

Darren Tsang, graduated 2013 and is now working as a successful freelance photographer.


“I arrived in Brighton without much of an idea about interior architecture, and its differentiation to architecture. I soon learned that we focused on a more human scale, designing within existing contexts. I learned the value of research and conceptual development in order to design in a meaningful manner and throughout my time in Brighton I was encouraged to explore new ways of working as a designer. I was introduced to numerous skills and ways of thinking which I carry with me in my architecture studies. I learned what it means to be part of a design team and how to successfully cooperate with students and teacher, and how to learn from all possible sources in life. I am very grateful for having had the chance to study interior architecture in Brighton.”

Roope Piipponen, graduated 2013, now studying Architecture in Toulouse.


“IA in Brighton was an intense yet rewarding experience. Hard work, great friends and a supportive staff network made for 3 fantastic years that went far too quickly.”

Rachel Doherty, graduated 2013, now retail interior design technician at River Island.


“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Brighton and have learnt so many valuable skills that I’ve gone on to use in practice and in my Masters course. The course itself is inspiring, with tutors that are engaging and challenge creativity.”

Amy Bourne, graduated 2014, now studying Masters in Architecture at Westminster University.


“During my time at Brighton studying interior architecture, I had the opportunity to develop all the necessary skills to start a career in architecture and design. Over the three years, I felt supported by the faculty and enjoyed the studio environment. I found that every new brief was always exciting and gave us plenty of room to develop an independent style and to focus on our particular interests.”

Roz Wells, graduated 2014, after a stint working with Spacemakers and the Brighton School Roz is now an architectural assistant at Liam Russell Architects.


“University of Brighton offered me a vibrant and diverse culturally rich experience, as well as a stimulating and challenging academic platform from which I was able to learn and grow. I cannot recommend it highly enough – the perfect balance.”

Fred Vinall, graduated 2014, now Consultant Daniel Marks, an award winning, design-specialist recruitment company based in London and New York.


“Studying Interior Architecture at Brighton University was such a fulfilling experience! Lots of conceptual work and great workshop facilities with supportive technicians who helped us give life to our projects. Although technically an ‘interiors’ course, it encouraged us to think about the context which has proved precious in my post-graduation work.”

Elissaveta Marinova, graduated 2012, now a successful freelance architecture and design writer.


“Studying Interior Architecture in Brighton has been one of the most valuable experiences in my life. I have gained skills I never thought I would even be able to attempt and been a part of a highly creative and inspirational environment. The course lets you explore and experiment with architecture and helps you rethink how we work with existing buildings and spatial qualities. I chose to study Interior Architecture cause I was interested in working on site specific projects with existing structures that lets you explore the possibilities with given perimeters. Through the degree I have learned to think about architecture and design in a more creative way, allowing myself to be bold and sometimes crazy to accomplish a different result than I initially thought was possible. Coming from Norway I found Brighton to be such a creative, different and fun city to live in with a great student community, making the decision to move here the best one I have made so far. “

Thea Petersen, graduated 2015