Terrain vague : Strategies for urban regeneration

SG3’s studio brief this year will be launching an expedition into the ‘terrain vaguest’ of Brighton, observing, revealing and capturing the hidden gems and concealed opportunities within the urban sites.

In French, the term ‘terrain’ connotes a more urban quality than in the English land: thus, terrain is an extension of the precisely limited ground fit for construction in the city … ¬†‘Vague’ […] giving us¬†vacant, vacuum in English, which is to say empty, unoccupied, yet also free …

Students are to be asked to carefully explore and observe the characteristics of the sites [a slice of Lewes Road] and to identify those areas that broadly meet the ‘terrain vague’ principles through their existing qualities, elements and activities, extracting these with the intention of preserving or enhancing whilst still retaining the raw unique qualities of environment.

This is not a project about nostalgia and pastiche but about creating a new space, one that contains the terrain of uncertainty and freedom of the original urban sites and enhances the social, cultural and environmental experience.