Studio 7 Introduction

Studio 07 emphasises the engagement, not the fragmentation, between the designing and crafting of architecture with its relationships and effects and  with the broader contexts of our existence.

The studio is fascinated by how architecture can remain relevant in a post-professional world filled with rapid global evolutionary changes, and does this by grounding work in an informed body of cross-disciplinary research at the outset.
By questioning and contesting the known with the new, students embark on a close study of a contemporary condition (be it social, psychological, environmental, economical, theoretical) and evolve a rich spatial understanding of their chosen subject, which is then pursued via a focus on writing, drawing and physical modelling. Thinking, Creating & Communicating.
Through encouraging students to consider strong progressive narratives they are led towards a new typological architectural proposal, and in-turn the creation of speculative programmes and a beautifully spatially crafted architectural thesis.