(re)Public Brighton

Maintaining the trajectory of Studio 06, this year our territory is Valley Gardens, Brighton’s most significant public space. Alongside other creative disciplines within the University of Brighton, we have been invited to develop architectural propositions to enhance the planned £18M regeneration of the ‘green mile’. We will challenge notions of what constitutes ‘public space’ in the contemporary ‘contested’ city.

“Architecture is not simply about space and form, but also about event, action, and what happens in space.”  – Bernard Tschumi: The Manhattan Transcripts, 1976-1981

Project tasks

Students will work towards designing a temporary (reversible) intervention in the first term which will act as a catalyst for generating their own site based building programme in the second and third terms developing the earlier project outcomes.


Students will do a lot of drawing and making, underpinning all aspects of the project through research, conceptualization, design iterations and final presentations. Ambitious and sophisticated architectural representation will be rewarded.

Key Themes

Time-based architecture; public space; the contested city; contemporary practice; and architectural representation.