Place: Pertaining to & the nature of Place

The interests and themes of  Studio 15  were introduced with a one week project called Parallels in which students get to choose and explore both vernacular and contemporary responses of architecture to environments with hugely differing climatic requirements.

Like this students begin to engage with notions of place, construction, materiality and environmental conditions.

We wanted to set the autumn term projects around the symbiotic relationship seen all over the world between architecture, its materiality and place. As a quick fire research project, we divided the students into small groups and gave them a specific longitude on the globe centred around between the latitudes of 45º N and 51ºN. The project was called Parallels because the idea is to compare architectures from the point of view of their material use and climatic control, noting that the sun angles for each geographic area is roughly the same. The technical and aesthetic contrast between each was clear to see.