Carnaval Visions

The Elephant and Castle area in London has historically enjoyed its status as one of the main hubs for the Latin American community in London. In 2014 Studio 55 undertook research on the Latin American Community in Elephant and Castle.

This year, Studio 55 will be going back to the Elephant and Castle area, Southwark, London to once again understand and design for the Latin American community. We will be working with a real client – the Carnaval del Pueblo Association, organisers of the largest Latin American carnival in Europe, which attracts in excess of 100,000 people. The Carnaval del Pueblo (People’s Carnival), is scheduled to take place in Burgess Park, Southwark, August 2016.

We will be working in close collaboration with Carnaval del Pueblo Association in order to understand their inspirational, logistical, spatial, and aesthetic requirements. As architects, the better we understand the client, the better equipped we are to design for them.

Students in Studio 55 will be designing a vision for the Carnaval del Pueblo to be sited in Burgess Park.

As part of the year’s programme, Studio 55 will be designing and building a Live Project to be sited in East Street, Southwark.

This year Studio 55 will be working with a real client, on a real event, with a Live Project that will be built and realised.