Seafronting Brighton

All building is momentary and changing when viewed through an extended temporal lens. This lens reveals an architectural landscape richly invested with memory and meaning where “natural” processes meet with culture, politics and history to form exciting new ecologies.

Studio 06 is fascinated by meaningful architecture which connects us with this often obscured territory – like a window into a hidden garden. Looking beyond the creation of objects of mere visual seduction to an exquisite multi-sensorial world, we privilege the relationship between body and landscape and how architecture bridges between these two realms.

Maintaining the Studio 06 ethos and structure of previous years, we set out to mediate this multi-layered and multi-scalar relationship, in this instance set within the ‘seafronting’ urban territory of Brighton and Hove. We value precision, thoughtfulness and craft in our drawings, models and other made pieces. We also celebrate incidental, unplanned and serendipitous outcomes which emerge through creative and joyful investigations.