• Francis Naydler, Portland Place, Studio 01
  • Louise Fischer, Swallow Place, Studio 01
  • Oliver Riviere, Cumberland Terrace Mews
  • Nicola Charalambides, Cockspur Court
  • Toulla Kyriakou, Air Street
  • Eva Chee, Regent's Canal and Gloucester Avenue

Draw Everything

Axonometrics by Nicola Charalambides, Eva Chee, Toulla Kyriakou, Louise Fischer, Francis Naydler and Oliver Riviere  drawing everything in the “pocket spaces” left to the sides of Regent Street’s axis.

Following drawings that sort to capture an overall sense of Regent Street as a line through the city, Studio 01 have made detailed survey drawings of the “pocket spaces” left behind to each side. These characterful spaces are the remnants of forgotten streets, absorbed by Nash’s opportunistic urban planning or undesigned spaces between the backs of other developments. While these drawings use solely conventional projections, their detail captures the life and texture of the space, not just its geometry.