Winchelsea: Wichel-CITY

Winchelsea was founded as a new town in the C13th following Old Winchelsea’s cataclysmic descent into the sea. The new town retained the old’s strategic importance and prominence within the Cinque Port confederation but its prosperity later waned with the silting of its natural harbour and it is now little more than a quiet village marooned on a hill above the low lying Romney Marsh. Studio 01 have imagined that a further series of cataclysms bring Winchelsea back to its former prominence, prosperity and urbanity and used this scenario to explore what it means to make a city.

The studio has worked within the scenario that over the next 50 years rising sea levels make the defence of the low-lying Romney Marsh untenable and it is given back over to the English Channel. The hill on which Winchelsea sits now becomes a narrow promontory jutting out into the water and its natural harbour is reinstated.

In response to these changes in topography we imagine that Winchelsea becomes dramatically and suddenly urbanised – partly from its population rising due the relocation of those who currently live on now flooded areas and partly as a result of its strange isolated topography suggesting more extreme urban identities.

3rd Year: MaxLangran, Haris Michaelides, Angelina Zittis, Amy Francis-Smith, Joanna Hayden, Natalie Monk, Maria-Christina Pantazopoulos, Chryso Petropoulaki, Dan Press, Dan Roberts, Ronyai Laszlo, Kasun Senanayake, Natalie Stangoe

2nd Year: Shashindri Abayasekera, Maria Antoniou, Joe Bailey, Rosie Barnes, Charlotte Burch, Benjamin Chandler, Maria Christodoulou, Angela Demetriou, Juliette Denis, Irene Evgeniou, Eva Horakova, Will Lilly, Fay Mantzika, Phivia Papashiandi, Tina Rousou, Raimonda Stanislovaityte, Larry Tate, Emily Vuyk, Karoline Waringsaasen, Alex Wong

Tutors: Ben Sweeting, Alex Arestis, Alex MacLaren

Thanks to: Tessa Baird, Alinda Barua, Kate Cheyne, Maya Cochrane, Richard Comotto, Rute Ferreira, Kieran Hawkins, Lucy Pritchard, Tony Roberts, Elena Solomides, Owain Williams