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Getting the measure of things.

Studio 01 returned to Rye this week to gather measured survey information for this term’s project. Out site for the major project is at the end of the High Street, whether the town opens up to the view over the low lying land to the East. We began with a walk alongside the river, looking […]

Matthew Chung: Rye.

Moment | Layers This drawing is an exploration of how Rye aged, which focuses on the diverse material choices and conditions in the St. Mary Church. By cutting through the narrow walkway of the church, the drawing reveals the different condition between the interior and exterior, the contrasting wall thicknesses and openings introduced in different […]

Sam McTear: Rye existing architecture and townscape

Sam McTear has produced a detailed study of a sequence of spaces in Rye’s existing architecture and townscape. This particular site is located around the area surrounding the Landgate arch. Built for defence in the 14th century, the Landgate was originally the only land connection to the mainland at high tide when Rye was an […]

Studio 01 visit Rye.

Studio 01 made their first site visit this week to the historic town of Rye to get an initial sense of the it’s  important past and present. Careful observation and ‘learning from Rye’ are this terms introduction to exploring ways in which architectural structures can interface with existing historic fabric. As well as taking a […]

Studio 01 Brief: Cinque Port.

Studio 01 returns this year, continuing to explore issues of place and character in the context of radical change. We will work in the historic East Sussex town of Rye, picking up on themes we have explored in previous years where we have run studios in Alfriston and Winchelsea. At first sight, Rye appears to […]