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John Andrews Student Prize for Drawing.

“Drawing is a Method of Thinking, a connective understanding between the eye, the hand, and the mind. At its most primitive level, drawing could be reduced to a single mark: a smudge from the tip of a finger. A scratch from a nail or an imprint from the palm of the hand. On a more […]

Brighton represented at Alternative Histories Exhibition.

An interesting exhibition curated by Marius Grootveld and Jantje Engels, with Drawing Matter and the Architecture Foundation opened this weekend and includes work by some of our external examiners, staff and Brighton School of Architecture alumni. The exhibition is a conversation between past and present, the page and the three dimensional, the real and the […]

Matthew Chung: Rye.

Moment | Layers This drawing is an exploration of how Rye aged, which focuses on the diverse material choices and conditions in the St. Mary Church. By cutting through the narrow walkway of the church, the drawing reveals the different condition between the interior and exterior, the contrasting wall thicknesses and openings introduced in different […]

Body Space Landscape Extension Tool.

Studio 06 students have been developing their body extension tools to articulate relationships between body and landscape within the studio territory of Rottingdean during Term One. Yumeng Ye has been working on a Body Space Landscape Extension Tool. “The device is like the extension of our body, which can help us explore space and experience […]

New dimensions.

As part of the context week BA Interior Architecture students looked into ways to explore the spatial and programmatic qualities of the design project. They used the format of a book to work into it with various techniques and methods and to produce a combination of two dimensional and three dimensional layers. This is an […]

Studio 55 culture.

Studio 55 explores a design development primarily through the making / crafting of physical models that lead into the crafting of drawings and spaces. In this studio, the act of making sophisticated models and drawings is the premise and method that we use to test ideas, explore solutions, and communicate our designs. This year Studio […]

Beautiful drawings at Table Reviews.

Guest critics were full of praise for some of the beautiful and detailed drawings being shown at recent Level 5 and Level 6 table reviews. Fourth Wall student Kristin Minheva’s project explored social deprivation in Newhaven and demonstrated how she would develop currently neglected spaces to regenerate and revive an interest in traditional local crafts. […]

Lively discussion at Interior Architecture Table Reviews.

BA Interior Architecture studios have been a hive of activity in the last fortnight with productivity gaining momentum after the Easter break and in preparation of looming deadlines. Level 5 and Level 6 had their final table reviews where they had the chance to explore and discuss their work with tutors, external academics and practitioners. There was praise […]

Drawing Week.

Drawing week in the M’Arch Global Practice Unit. Students were asked to draw up their projects from 1/5 detail all the way up to 1/1000. These were then  re-worked three or more times. In turn, they found that in doing this it alleviates any technology details that could be more efficient and conceptually stronger whilst […]

Nearly there… last push!

We are entering the final stage of our last design project. Everyone in the studio hunched over computers, drawing boards, model making and camping in the library after closing time. It is so motivating to see that everyone giving it their all. I personally have encountered a few hurdles this week because as the submission […]