“Lights off, projector on. First slide please”

Catalina Mejia Moreno, Senior Lecturer in Architectural Humanities and Second year Coordinator in Montreal will be presenting the research project she has been working on been as a Mellon Fellow at the The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) this week. The CCA is an international research institution operating from the fundamental premise that architecture is […]

Duncan Baker Brown: Book Launch this Friday.

What do these images have in common? Come and find out when Duncan Baker Brown launches his fantastic new book The Re Use Atlas: A designer’s guide towards a circular economy at Fitzroy House in Lewes on Friday 13th October at 7.30pm. Duncan will speak about some of the inspiring projects in the book. This will […]

A wet and windy site visit.

Studio 06 launched the year on Monday with a windy visit to Rottingdean where the studio will be working for the year. Hosted by members of a number of local community groups we were shown around and learned about the past, present and future visions for the village. Students were given the chance to climb […]

A new year begins.

It’s a week like no other, lots of new staff and students to meet, a wide array of studios pitching for your vote and when the hard work that takes place over the summer sprucing up the studios comes to fruition. By Friday it feels more like five weeks have passed rather than a mere […]

Global Practice Unit 2017 – 2018

Global Practice Unit (GPU) helps students to generate and realise their own projects within a structured and supportive environment. Students are able to connect their actions to their own history, experience and ethical position rather than submit to the more codified values of education, practice or a single unit. Many students see their time in […]

As Yet Unbuilt.

Design can be characterised by prioritising elaborate form over materialisation. Since the Renaissance the increasing division between the processes of design and making has led to the development and dependence on representational tools to give descriptions and instructions for the translation of a concept to the physical piece. More often than not, architects have embraced […]


Petrichor a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather; a unity of person, place, environment, activated through sited personal experience. In the shadow of an increasingly unheeded environmental crisis, with US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and UK political abstinence from sustainable concerns in the face […]

Utopia Revisited.

How do we begin to imagine new settlements today? How do we regain the ability to plan them with confidence, optimism and delight? And how, in an era that has for the most part rejected the masterplan and the grand vision, can we re-engage critically with the idea of utopia? The Utopia Revisited studio will […]

A Point of View: Decorous Façade.

London grows when we aren’t looking. London is not really civic, it is too big and fast moving. Nods to architectural composition are at best proximate, partial and provisional. The subject of “view” is left as contended public debate, seemingly reserved for tall building propositions that may or may not interrupt the cones of vision […]

Retrofitting Utopia.

Studio BA 05 will continue its programme “Retrofitting Utopia” whereby significant prototypical developments are revisited and reviewed in the light of contemporary needs and imperatives. In 2016/17 we worked in Letchworth, the world’s first and much replicated Garden City based on principals defined by Ebenezer Howard. Now we will turn our attention to the twentieth […]