Studio BA 06

Bridging between our senses and the physical world beyond, we look for ways to create buildings which articulate connection between body and landscape. Architecture is conceived as an instrument which has potential to build relationships with and convey new understandings of the world we live in.

We initiate processes which explore resources and characteristics of the local context not limited to conventional modes of architectural site analysis. In order to experience a sense of connection with landscape we must first be able to recognise our relationship with the dynamic processes at work. Students undertake studies of ecologies; research into local crafts and related industries; seek to uncover historic land uses; conduct interviews with local interest groups. We privilege collaborative working through meaningful participatory engagement which invites wider exploratory investigation and provides platforms for alternative modes of enquiry.

These processes inform a dialogue, developed through detailed observation studies, research, drawings and made pieces, which allows students to articulate the complex and multi-scalar set of inter-connected relationships born out of distinct local conditions. Working with a place-specific vocabulary of related elements which speak implicitly about the local language and material cultures of the site, students are able to develop meaningful propositional architecture which demonstrates relevance to local conditions.

Studio tutors

2017 - 2018 Graham Perring Sarah Stevens
2016 - 2017 Graham Perring Andrew Paine
2015 - 2016 Graham Perring Andrew Paine
2014 - 2015 Graham Perring Andrew Paine
2013 - 2014 Kate Cheyne Graham Perring
2012 - 2013 Kate Cheyne Catrina Stewart
2011 - 2012 Carl Turner Kate Cheyne

Studio posts

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Barnaby Maynard: Co-op++

Co-op++ has been proposed in response to current problems surrounding Rottingdean’s rapidly stagnating social climate and the community ...

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Projects Review Day.

On Projects Review Day, studio 06 joined forces with students from undergraduate studios 09 and 11 to share and reflect on work produced ...